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Laid Off with Covid-19. What's next?

The numbers are staggering.

At the height of the pandemic in April, 14.7% of Americans were out of work due to covid-19. Undoubtedly the hardest hit are in restaurants and retail businesses, but there are still a fair amount of folks that have lost their jobs across the business world.

Losing your job is hard. It happened to me with covid-19. The hardest part? Losing the link with everyday friends and coworkers, even via videoconferencing and text. For many of us much of our identity is wrapped up in our job. We easily define ourselves by our roles, not by who we actually are. And when we feel we have lost that identity, it can be hard to find our way back.

I’d like to offer a few ways to navigate through this tough time.

First, if you can, I recommend taking some time OFF. It could be a few days or weeks but take the time to regroup. What it looks like is up to you. Maybe it’s yoga or reading the books you’ve been meaning to. Maybe it’s cooking or spending more time with your kids. You must create space to move past the job you loved, so you are clear-headed to move to the next job you’ll be equally excited about.

Moving too hastily can land you in the first opportunity you see – which may or may not be right for you. Hopefully you’ve received some compensation in severance, unemployment or perhaps a stimulus check. Use them wisely to take care of you first.

During this time focused on you, pause and think about what you truly want to do. You may be interested in a different direction or industry and now’s a good time to explore that more. There are so many good career-focused books out there. This link has a number of them from some great authors.

Then, when you’re ready – tap into your networks to see what is out there. Use various job search sites or even a recruiting firm to help you with your search. Dust off your resume (when did you last update it?) and your interview skills to ready yourself for the discussions ahead.

This all could feel like a lot to take on, and it certainly can be when the unexpected happens. If you’d like coaching on taking action, I’m here for you. I can help you think about your past career and roles and how you’d like to show up in your future. I’d love the chance to work with you as you get excited for your next adventure.

Reach to me today and best of luck as you move forward!

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