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Giving Yourself Grace: Solutions in a Trying Time

We can all agree that these past few months have been incredibly stressful. From being isolated, to perhaps friend and family loss, to changing every normal behavior, covid-19 has felt like a surreal dream. And this past week, layer on the devastating death of George Floyd. My heart is heavy. I am saddened by our new normal and now the violence that has ensued.

What we need to understand is that the stress will continue. And quite frankly, our nation must continue to rise up against the violence to our black community.

With this continuation, I’d like to offer a few ways to live with the stress. As it’s not necessarily going to go away, the best we can do is consider coping mechanisms when it all gets to be too much.

Meditation. For those of us that believe meditation takes too long, try giving just 10 minutes of your morning to the Calm app. The Daily Calm offers short meditation with some additional learning to start your day. If you have trouble sleeping, their Bedtime Stories are wonderful - soothing voices sharing tales to lull you to slumber. I have rarely stayed awake to the end of any story.

Yoga. There are so many sites out there offering free or low-cost programs. One of my favorite places on earth is The Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in western Massachusetts. Sadly, they are not returning to business until 2021. The good news? Kripalu and many instructors have created online offerings. Jennifer Reis, an amazing instructor, has a great site and classes. My favorite has to be her Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra. It’s a guided meditation practice while you lie down under a blanket. What could be better than that?

Movement. Most of us don’t have that morning or evening commute right now, giving us no excuse not to slot in some exercise. My gym is closed, but my friend has offered 30 Day Challenges that give me an opportunity to get those endorphins going every day. I honestly feel better for the entire DAY when I’ve accomplished a good sweat in the AM. I highly recommend it and it’s a supportive group. To learn more, reach to Lauren Martin at

All of these suggestions will help you take better care of yourself, and just for a moment, take a breather from the stress. I am betting you can face it with a stronger attitude after giving yourself a moment of grace.

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