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Dealing with Distractions: Tips to Help You Focus

Ok. I’m sitting down to work on my business. I’ve got a to-do list, fresh coffee, computer open.

Let’s look at task number one. I think I’ll start by ………

Wait a minute, is that a new baby bird out my window?? Oh wow! I need a closer look!!!

Fast forward to 15 minutes later, I’m back to task number one again.

Has this happened to you?

And has it been happening more lately, with covid-19 and working remotely? I am finding focus to be a struggle with so many distractions, from a sweet baby bird to a negative new flash on the crazy state of the US right now. We are all dealing with our own levels of stress coupled with additional layers of pandemic, racial injustice, political race frenzy… it all can feel like too much.

When I reach this swirling breaking point, I lean on a few things to slow myself down. Here are a few ideas to help you focus if you are struggling as well.

Take a physical break. As silly as the baby bird viewings may sound, the breaks can truly be refreshing to reset. I would also recommend physical exercise – even just a 15-minute walk can help you refresh. I’ve read that for every 30 minutes you spend at your desk; you should spend at least 30 seconds getting up and stretching. But how many of you sit for hours without moving, thinking to yourself: “Huh, when did I last eat? Or use the bathroom?” I’m pretty sure it’s not just me.

Meditate. I’ve said it before, meditation is a huge re-centering tool for me. I’ve taken to scheduling it into my days to remind myself to do it. Again, I highly recommend the Calm app for even a 10-minute guided meditation to help focus inward.

Talk to a family member or friend. Even if you are in virtual meetings with others, working remotely can have its lonely moments. No hallway conversations or lunch breaks with coworkers. I’ve found face-timing with my nieces or virtually meeting others for a coffee or lunch break are great ways to laugh, share stories and reconnect.

If you need additional guidance in scheduling your day check out the two links below for added tips to focus your time while working in breaks.

Now, where was I... Oh! Baby bird is back!

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