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Checking In: Compassion in Communication

As I look out on this grey Monday, I’m reminded of how difficult these days have been for many. No, there’s no commute and I can work in my PJ pants, but it doesn’t make the day full of video conference calls any easier. The news is also tough with covid-19 cases rising and a stressful election on the horizon.

For all of these reasons as a manager, now is the time to be as compassionate as possible. I recently re-read a great article that still holds true. Six Exercises to Strengthen Compassionate Leadership by Dr. Andrew Newberg first appeared in Fast Company in 2012. It’s all about using compassion in your communication.

He wrote “When you use compassionate communication in your conversations, something quite surprising occurs: both your brain and the brain of the person you’re talking to begin to align themselves with each other. This special bond is a phenomenon referred to as “neural resonance,” and in this enhanced state of mutual attunement, two people can accomplish remarkable things together.”

It might feel slightly harder to do this over video, but I encourage you to read the article below and give the exercises a try. Check in with your team. We spent time ensuring they had the physical set up to work from home, we also need to check in with their mental and emotional status. How are your people doing? What do they need from you? We could all use a little compassion right now and this is a great time to check in with you team.

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